'Leave it the way it is': Gun owners want firearms law left alone

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'Leave it the way it is': Gun owners want firearms law left alone

Postby Chris L » Wed Apr 04, 2018 4:06 pm


Some gun owners in New Brunswick aren't too happy with Ottawa's plans to tighten federal gun laws and would like to see government leave them alone.

New Brunswick MP says discussion about tougher gun laws will continue
Liberals hope to tighten Canada's firearms law with new record-keeping provisions
At a town hall in Gagetown on Tuesday, people questioned changes in Bill C-71, which the federal government tabled on March 20.

"Leave it the way it is," said gun owner Howard Wright of Cambridge Narrows, who's concerned with changes to background checks.

About 60 people showed up to a town hall in Gagetown on Tuesday to meet with MP Karen Ludwig. (Gary Moore/CBC)
Background checks currently only look at the previous five years when someone applies for a firearms licence.

Provisions in the proposed bill would change that to examine a person's entire life history for potential red flags.

"I just see these crazy ideas coming up, instead of five years, it goes back to when you're born," Wright said.

Knee-jerk reaction
The town hall wasn't specifically about changes to the firearms law, but the topic was raised a couple of times by people in the room.

Craig Steeves of Jemseg wondered if the government is acting on what's happening in the United States and not at home.

"Is this a knee-jerk reaction for what's the gong show going on down in the states?" he asked.

"We don't have the same problem with gun laws in Canada."

Ludwig said proposed changes in gun laws were in the works before the recent backlash in the U.S. against weak gun-control laws. (Gary Moore/CBC)
Liberal MP Karen Ludwig, who represents the riding of New Brunswick Southwest, held the town hall to speak with constituents about any issues and concerns in the area.

Ludwig wasn't surprised that Bill C-71, the gun bill, was on the minds of people in the area, but said the timing of the review isn't related to recent shootings in America.

"If someone was to look back at our 2015 campaign, looking at a review of the firearms legislation was part of that — it didn't happen overnight."

Information Morning - Fredericton
Should federal gun laws be tightened or left alone?
00:00 10:06

Some people voiced their concerns about Ottawa's proposed changes to the firearms law last night in Gagetown. We hear from Howard Wright of Cambridge Narrows, and M.P. for the area, Karen Ludwig. 10:06
Ludwig said she's listening to what people are saying in her riding and is glad the changes will be studied by an all-party committee.

"These are national pieces of legislation that have broad, broad implications."

"I think the best options, since we were not able to debate it in the House of Commons, was to get it before an all-party committee to study."


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