DAVE HANSON: RCMP training on new rifles

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DAVE HANSON: RCMP training on new rifles

Postby Chris L » Wed Nov 01, 2017 11:03 pm


Very few places for shooting ranges to operate on P.E.I. with adequate safety template

Re: ‘RCMP shooters don’t show respect,’ (Letter, The Guardian, Oct. 24).

The situation on P.E.I. is such that because the Island is small but very densely populated, it leaves very few places for shooting ranges to operate with an adequate safety template.

Couple that with things like a range owner who needs to supplement their operating income from regular memberships with rental fees from the RCMP requiring annual proficiency as well as upgrade training for their new service rifles (I am reluctant to call them Patrol Carbines, because when owned by a civilian the exact same firearms are referred to as assault weapons).

They do however conduct their training during regular working hours, so the issue of noise should not even come up since it's not as if they are shooting in her back yard.

Many have mentioned the subject of suppressors and in many places such as Europe, they are mandatory at many ranges and hunting preserves to both protect the hearing of shooters and the general public alike.

Unfortunately, much of the media has the perception that "silencers" make a rifle sound something less than a sneeze. Not true, as the bullet itself will create an audible shock wave, so long as it is supersonic. Below that speed it will be quieter, but not Hollywood quiet.

So, what can be done? First of all we need the public to support our national and regional police forces to conduct training that will benefit the public. Secondly, we need logical legislation to allow the over 2,000,000 licensed firearms owners in Canada safe and adequate places to pursue their pastime without others complaining that the new house they just built next to the local range is causing their PTSD to be aggravated.

If this means the legalization of sound suppressors, then perhaps it makes sense. If you have PTSD that is aggravated by noise, then why build your house nearby an operating rifle range?

It should be noted that the P.E.I. Provincial Rifle Association and it's parent organization, the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association were formed by an act of Parliament in 1861and have endeavoured to promote the safe use of firearms in Canada.

Since that year the associations have held provincial, regional and national competitions each year. During the two world wars, its members contributed to the war effort by helping train soldiers in marksmanship.

- Dave Hanson of Pownal is president, P.E.I. Provincial Rifle Association


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