Changes in Bill C-71

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Changes in Bill C-71

Postby Chris L » Mon Mar 26, 2018 8:53 pm

Hi Guys,

This was put together by one of our members

I’ve gone through Bill C-71 and the Firearms Act side by side. I noted the changes coming from Bill C-71 and pasted them into the Firearms Act.
If something is being repealed, I show it highlighted in red and strikethrough.
If something is being added, I show it highlighted in yellow.

I was able to get to Section 17 of Bill C-71. The remaining text is in my Bill C-71.docx
The latest version of the Firearms Act was dated 2018-03-12. I called it 2018-03-12 Firearms Act. It shows all the changes up to the end of Section 17 of Bill C-71.

Files are attached below
Bill C-71.docx
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2018-03-12 Firearms Act.docx
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